• Reduced AI generations to 33% on free accounts, to help with abuse from a few power users.


  • Added "sportProfile" to list of Garmin based automation conditions.
  • Improved handling of 3rd party API failures due to rate limits.


  • The beta environment is now deprecated and was shutdown, thanks for all the feedback!
  • Increased max tokens for AI generated content.
  • Improved handling of cached data.
  • A few minor UI improvements.


  • New "sportProfile" Garmin tag.
  • Fixed FTP estimation which was not triggering automatically for individual activities.


  • Added wind gusts (property name is windGust) to weather summaries.
  • Increased server resources.


  • Disabled Gemini 1.5 due to current API limitations in the EU.


  • Calendar event times will be cached for PRO users so it can be used for past events.
  • Improved AI fallback in case a provider fails to generate content.
  • New "commute" added as part of activity condition fields.
  • Minor UI improvements on the automation edit page / dialogs.


  • New "Automation is executing for the first time today" condition.
  • Improved HTTP connection timeouts and retry mechanism.
  • Improved fallback to other AI providers in case the current hits the API limit.


  • Increased server resources.


  • Improved Gear listing and editing pages.


  • Added missing "spotify." prefix to Spotify related tags.
  • Updated feature pages.


  • Fixed bug preventing the m/s wind speed preference to be selected.
  • Fixed bug causing an error popup when creating a new GearWear configuration.
  • Improved ical generator.


  • Many UI tweaks on the GearWeat and Automation views.
  • Improved Garmin FIT file parser and logging.


  • Improved parsing of combined values from FIT files on Garmin activities.
  • Fixed a rare bug preventing activity tags to be shown on mentionable text fields.


  • New AI provider: Anthropic (Claude).
  • Minor tweaks to calendar preferences.


  • Improved AI prompt to better handle non-English.
  • Increased server capacity.


  • Fixed a regression bug related to missing weather summaries on AI prompts.
  • Improved webhook automation action, which now supports HTTP methods.
  • Lots of minor internal refactoring.


  • NEW! Get 1 year of PRO by subscribing to an affiliate fintech service.
  • New calendar options: links in descriptions, and compact descriptions.
  • Users now have to confirm their email before it's saved.
  • Weather temperature added to AI prompts.
  • Many UI tweaks and fixes.


  • Improvements to the validation of new automation recipes.
  • A few minor UI tweaks here and there.


  • AI generated content will fallback to the other provider if the main fails (Gemini or OpenAI).
  • Increased server capacity.


  • Tweaks to the Gemini AI integration.


  • Getting a new "Activity debug" view ready, at the moment still in testing phase.
  • Reactivated target links to calendar activities and club events.
  • Fixed some minor issues with the new Garmin FTI parser.


  • Minor improvements to the default calendar template.
  • Fixed bugs when checking for Garmin conditions.
  • Fixed bug causing the /unsubscribe route to throw an invalid error.


  • IMPORTANT! Price increase from 6.99 to 7.99 EUR for new users.
  • NEW! Support for new Garmin tags (IF, training load, pedal smoothness etc).
  • Many improvements to the default calendar templates.
  • UI tweaks when removing existing automations.


  • Added activity duration to default calendar template.
  • Increased server resources.


  • Increased server capacity.
  • Batch updates using AI features now restricted to PRO users only.
  • Notes about upcoming price increase for new users (due to high usage of ChatGPT / Gemini).


  • Happy new year!
  • Now giving preference to Gemini over ChatGPT for generated activity poems.


  • AI integrations will be disabled if user has enabled for the Privacy Mode.
  • Fixed bug preventing the use of the "Generate activity name" recipe action.
  • NEW! Integration with Google's Gemini AI model.
  • NEW! AI features now accept a variety of "humours".
  • NEW! Action "generateDescription" to create a poem as the activity description.
  • Lots of minor UI tweaks.


  • NEW! Automation recipe sharing, available to PRO users only for now.
  • Fixed bug preventing activities with no elevation data to have their names auto generated.
  • Support for more than 30 clubs (when showing next events and exporting the calendar).


  • NEW! Further customize ChatGPT generated names with a specific humour.
  • Fixed bug preventing ChatGPT generated names to be saved to activities.
  • Minor UI tweaks.


  • NEW! Air density added to weather properties.
  • Fixed some user preferences validation bugs.


  • NEW! ChatGPT custom prompt now available to PRO users on the account view.
  • NEW! Calculation of CO2 saved, available on all activities with distance.
  • Minor tweaks handling input data on the backend.


  • Fixed issue with reversed coordinates when using the new country / country flag tags.
  • Beta testing of custom ChatGPT prompts.
  • Deprecated the StormGlass weather provider, affected users switched to Tomorrow.
  • Minor improvements to the $ tag mention in when adding recipe actions.


  • Fixed issues preventing the new $ tag mention to work in certain scenarios.


  • Improved recipe action text fields, tags are shown when user types "$".
  • Further improvements to subscription handling.


  • Fixed a regression bug with new PayPal subscriptions.


  • Minor UI bug fixes in the JSON editor and billing / account view.
  • Reduced caching, calendars should refresh a bit quicker now.
  • Improved GitHub / PayPal subscription handling.


  • Twitter features are now deprecated.
  • Minor logging tweaks to make it easier to troubleshoot certain scenarios.


  • New Lithuanian translations.
  • Notify users if their Spotify authentication expires or gets invalidated.
  • Improved Komoot route caching.


  • The "commute" action now accepts false (to untag the activity as commute).
  • Fixed minor bugs preventing previously deleted users to register again.


  • Auto generated activity names now using ChatGPT 4 for a subset of PRO users.
  • Minor tweaks retrying failed requests using axios.


  • Improved fitness level calculation.
  • Increased server capacity.


  • Fixed minor bugs estimating FTP in case only 1 (or 0) activities were processed.
  • Location conditions now accept the != operator.


  • Fixed duplicate fields being shown on exported activity calendars.
  • PRO users can now force-refresh their calendars by deleting the cached data.


  • New "weekday" activity tag.
  • Automation counters will not increase if the automation was already processed for a given activity.


  • Fixed wrong /calendar/upcoming links, now pointing to /map.
  • Improved per-country announcement handling.


  • NEW! Integration with Garmin, sensor IDs can now be used in automations.
  • Improved Kommot integration to better fetch route metadata.
  • Improved translations for weather summaries.
  • Translations applied to activity names generated by Chat GPT.
  • New "Map" tab on the navigation bar.
  • This is the biggest release this year (so far), please let me know if you find issues.


  • Calendar export now shows different fields for different types of activities.
  • Lots of new tweaks to the Upcoming Events Map, with full support for Komoot routes.
  • Lots of minor UI tweaks here and there.


  • Initial weekly batches of fitness level calculations to start this weekend.
  • Fixed bug causing all calendar club events to have a "Run" type icon.
  • Many UI tweaks for bigger smartphone screens.
  • Updated TC.


  • New "fitness level" feature, used to enhance routes and time estimations.
  • Minor GearWear bug fixes when editing components for a new GearWear configuration.
  • Improved handling of external APIs rate limiting.
  • Updated (and added some) emoji sport icons.


  • Fixed some minor bugs when creating new automations or GearWear configurations due to missing new-only validations.
  • Added activity URL to the default calendar template.
  • New affiliate links.


  • Fixed bug causing preferences to be lost if user doesn't confirm the selected weather provider.


  • Further improvements and some bugs fixed on the Upcoming Events map.


  • Improved the Upcoming Events map view with a few new options.
  • Improved selection of the best weather hourly forecast.
  • Will now (try to) use the same provider for the weather data on the start and end of activities.


  • Minor release with an updated home and some cache improvements.


  • Major overhaul to the GearWear edit / detail view.
  • New "pre alert" allows users to get notified when a component reaches a % of its target usage.
  • Increased server capacity (again!).


  • Improved error handling, failures will now be displayed in a nice modal dialog.
  • Fixed rare "race condition" bug where the activity queue would be processed twice.
  • Many under the hood tweaks (mostly logging and retrying failed requests).


  • Automation JSON editor now available to all users.
  • Automation JSON editor enabled when duplicating automations.
  • Fixed bug with OR logical operator for automations having only 2 conditions.
  • Improvements to the Automations view UI.


  • The "cadenceSpm" is now available to all activity types.
  • Fixed the activity "end" weather being queries with the same date as the start.
  • Fixed bug preventing automations to be saved after toggling the JSON editor.
  • Increased server capacity.


  • NEW! Users can now edit the automation JSON specs directly (PRO users only for now).
  • NEW! New account option to omit all suffixes / units on activity tags.
  • New "cadenceSpm" field on runs, walks and hikes, showing cadence as SPM.
  • Improved processing of Komoot routes.


  • Fixed recent bug causing most club events to be discarded before processing.
  • Minor Strava rate limiting adjustments, we're constantly running close to the limits now.


  • Fixed timezone related bug with the "firstOfDay" automation condition.
  • Minor tweaks to the OpenAI ChatGPT prompt.
  • Caching tweaks (code and Cloudflare).


  • Adding options to optimise the cache interval for calendars (PRO only).
  • Alert users if they have not given the write permission to Strautomator on Strava.
  • General code improvements.


  • Weather summaries now include AQI (air quality index, from 0 to 5).
  • The AQI can be used in automation as part of conditions and actions.


  • Added "average cadence" and "has cadence" to list of automation conditions.


  • Added the missing "3D Winter" map style.
  • Improvements to the ChatGPT integration.
  • Improvements to the Open-Meteo integration.
  • Increased server resources.


  • It had to be done: ChatGPT is now used to generate fun activity names :-)
  • Calendars now support filtering clubs.


  • Improved .ics export to fix some bugs with recurring events on Google Calendar.
  • Minor changes to the FTP estimation to avoid processing activities with low power.


  • Temporarily disable a weather provider if it fails too many times.


  • Trail Run, Gravel Ride and (E) Mountain Bike Ride sport types fully working again.
  • Added "climbing ratio" to the list of activity tags on the UI.


  • Fixed potential bug preventing weather-based automation conditions from running.
  • Fixed bug preventing the OR logical operator from working on certain conditions.
  • Increased server resources.


  • NEW! Logical operators are now available for automation conditions.
  • Selecting conditions and actions now support typing / autocomplete.
  • Improved FTP auto-updating procedures.
  • Improved API rate limit checks.


  • Renamed the "city" tag to "cityStart", and added new "cityEnd" tag.
  • Minor tweaks to caching and request timeouts.
  • Updated TC.


  • New ${city} tag, at the moment available to PRO users only.
  • FTP auto updating will happen bi-weekly for most users now (as opposed to weekly).


  • Some minor calendar tweaks, users now set as attendees on upcoming club events.
  • Fixed Spotify tracklist in reverse order.


  • New button to duplicate an automation (on the Automation editing page).
  • Tweaks to the FTP estimation (more conservative if the FTP has downgraded).
  • Fixed some API issues on the Beta environment.


  • Minor activity processing tweaks.


  • Support for newly introduced sports in Strava (Badminton, HIIT, Tennis etc).


  • Fixed bug with the new ${weekOfYear} tag.
  • Slightly increased server capacity.


  • New "weekOfYear" activity tag.
  • Tweaks to improve the FTP estimation performance.


  • NEW! Add the lyrics of the music you were listening to during activities.
  • The Beta environment is now available to all PRO users at
  • Minor backend and server tweaks.


  • Fixed recently introduced bugs with pace and elevation data.
  • Under the hood preparations for the upcoming beta environment.
  • Removed "calories" and "description" from the list of calendar tags (Strava API limitation).


  • Fixed pace calculation (properly converting to hh:mm).
  • Added pace fields to the calendar template tags.
  • Refactored some imperial / metric related calculations and texts.


  • New pace fields (paceAvg and paceMax) on activities.
  • Some minor logging updates.


  • It's now possible to force refresh your personal records.
  • Performance improvements to the FTP estimation.
  • General code refactoring.


  • Improvements to the weather processing.


  • Fixed some minor bugs with recently introduced features.
  • Increased server resources.


  • The "firstOfDay" automation condition now accepts for any sport or for the same sport.
  • Fixed timezone bugs that could cause weather summaries to come with the wrong icons.
  • Deprecated Weatherbit as it was giving way too many inaccurate forecasts.
  • Lots of minor under-the-hood tweaks on Weather providers.


  • NEW! Spotify integration now available to all users.
  • NEW! Spotify automation condition, to trigger an automation only if a track or artist was playing.
  • NEW! Automation condition "Is today's first activity".
  • Under the hood logging updates.


  • NEW! Spotify integration, allows you to add your Spotify played tracks to activities.
  • NEW! Tag "Watts / kg" available to be used in automation actions.
  • Typos fixed and some minor code refactoring here and there.


  • NEW! Now possible to get weather tags specifically for the start or the end of the activity.
  • Improved the popup to add activity actions, tags are now shown under category tabs.
  • Increased some rate limits, so batch activity sync should be quicker.
  • Some minor backend related updates.


  • NEW! Added "heatmap" to the list of map styles.
  • Fixed a bug preventing some GitHub subscriptions to be matched to a Strava user by username.
  • Support for private "trial" subscriptions.


  • NEW! Automation condition based on "gear".


  • Increased the "future days" calendar limit on free accounts, from 2 to 5 days.
  • Minor bug fixes all around.


  • NEW! Weather forecasts on the Upcoming Events Map.
  • Improved GitHub subscription / sponsorship handling.
  • Minor UI tweaks.


  • NEW! Partial support for Komoot routes (distance, duration and start location) on calendars and on the Upcoming Events Map.
  • New integration with the LocationIQ, will soon act as a geocoding fallback solution.
  • Many, many improvements to the new Upcoming Events Map view.
  • Other minor optimisations to the features released last week.


  • This is a MASSIVE release!
  • NEW! Upcoming Events Map showing your club events on a map.
  • NEW! Download your upcoming event's routes in a single ZIP file.
  • NEW! Download your data (making the site a bit more GDPR friendly).
  • NEW! Subscription payments also in EUR or GBP, depending on country.
  • NEW! Wind speed unit can be changed on the account preferences.
  • NEW! New 300m distance and ±10min time added to automation condition options.
  • Now possible to edit personal records on mobile / small screens.
  • Some specific Strava responses are now cached for improved performance.
  • Improved handling of calendar caching, meaning faster refresh times.
  • Loads of minor UI tweaks.
  • Due to the sheer amount of updates, I'm expecting a few minor uncaught bugs here and there, which will of course be fixed as soon as they pop up. Way too many combinations of user data + preferences + devices to be tested.


  • Fixed GearWear bug preventing activities to be processed for some users.
  • Improved GearWear scheduled jobs.


  • Fixed some minor bugs on weather summaries.
  • Terms and Conditions are now available directly on the website.


  • NEW! Batch activities sync, execute your automations on older activities with a few clicks.
  • It's now possible to append / prepend the activity name / description on the same automation.
  • Some minor backend tweaks.


  • NEW! Now using the activity's best 5 / 20 / 60min intervals for FTP estimation (PRO users only).
  • More and bigger service instances available to handle the recent influx of new users.


  • NEW! Training stress score (TSS) can be used on automations.
  • Fixed bug where moving / elapsed time conditions had an AM/PM suffix.
  • Fixed bug where "private notes" were not being updated.
  • Lots of other minor code tweaks.


  • Geolocation data is now cached for up to 1 week for performance / cost reasons.


  • NEW! Added the missing "Power" map style.
  • FTP will only be auto updated if it has changed by more than 2% (previously 1%).


  • NEW! Support for the Gravel Ride, (E) Mountain Bike and Trail Run sport types.


  • NEW! Italian translations are now available.
  • NEW! Surface 3D and Metro map styles.
  • Upgraded to Node 18.
  • Yearly price for new users now set to 6.99 USD.


  • UPCOMING! The PRO price will increase to 6.99 USD / year, but for new users only.
  • The ads panel is now reactivated, but shown to free users only.
  • FTP hourly estimation threshold increased from 103.5% to 104%.
  • Lots of minor UI tweaks and code updates.


  • Updated core with a fix to possibly failed weather string replacements.


  • Minor database tweaks to better handle failed writes.


  • Workaround to extract the end location of activities from the map (polyline), due to recent Strava API bug returning empty end locations.


  • New "lap time" field (similar to the recently created lap distance).


  • New "lap count" and "lap distance" that can be used on automation conditions and action tags.
  • Minor under-the-hood tweaks.


  • Fixed regression bug with the /changelog API route.


  • New "Support Ukraine" map style.
  • Fixed bug causing GearWear to double count activities if the user had set a custom "GearWear delay".


  • Fixed bug where a GearWear component distance would not be reset on the UI.
  • Improved calendar caching via code and settings on the storage bucket.


  • Updated "Hike" activity icon.
  • FTP calculation now considering the last 12 weeks (previously was 10).


  • NEW! Gear alerts triggered as web notifications for users that have no email registered.
  • Some minor under-the-hood service updates.


  • NEW! Account preference to change the GearWear delay in days (default is 2 days, minimum 1 and maximum 3).
  • Calendars are now cached using Cloud Storage instead of the Firebase database.
  • Weather icons should work better now for users using non-English translations.


  • Fixed suntimes bug causing the weather forecast to always return a moon in certain locations.
  • Increased production capacity.


  • Fixed UI bugs (toggles and dates not updating) on the Account page.
  • Enabled some logging preprocessors.


  • Affiliate links (ad banner) temporarily disabled.
  • Lots of minor logging updates.


  • New "Using a trainer machine" recipe condition.


  • Fixed bug preventing calendars with custom dates to be cached properly.
  • Favicon switched to the official Strautomator logo.


  • The Strautomator changelog is now available to users.
  • Fixed bug preventing new PayPal subscriptions to be updated due to missing user ID.
  • Fixed bug where an "invalid gear" notification would be shown to users having recipes with "set gear = none".


  • NEW! Recipe action "change sport type" to update the activity type.
  • NEW! The "Set gear" action can now clear the activity gear by setting it to "None".
  • Fixed UI bug on the manual activity sync page (happened if no automations were triggered).


  • NEW! Added "does not have" operator to recipes text-based conditions.
  • NEW! Added a "kill switch" option to recipes, to stop executing further automations.
  • Fixed "total time" and "moving time" conditions, which were not evaluating correctly for specific timezones.
  • Logging updates.


  • Calendar: max past days increased from 3 to 10 years for PRO accounts.
  • Some minor logging updates.


  • Fixed bug causing accounts to be reverted to Free straight away if the user cancelled a PRO subscription.
  • Refactoring of the Strava FTP estimation / calculation methods.
  • Refactoring of the PayPa webhook processing.
  • Some minor UI updates.


  • NEW! Integration with Open-Meteo (yet another weather provider).
  • Users that were not properly de-authenticated (no database records but still allowed the app on Strava) will be added to an ignore list.
  • Some log related updates.


  • Massive API refactoring, most endpoints should be prefixed with the user ID now.
  • Fixed UI preventing users to add the "Hide stats - heart rate" action to automations.


  • Fixed recently introduced bug with hideHome recipe actions.


  • NEW! Recipe actions to hide activity stats (pace, speed, power, heart rate, calories).
  • NEW! Recipe condition to check if activity broken segment PRs or KOMs.
  • Fixed bug with Storm Glass weather returning "Null" as part of the weather summary.
  • Fixed weather checks on activity fortune (to auto generate activity names with weather data).


  • Fixed recently introduced bugs with weather parsing (due to wrong formatting).
  • Fixed some weather translation references.
  • NEW! Personal records tracking for various sports (distance, HR watts, calories etc).
  • NEW! Automation condition to trigger if the activity has broken a new record.
  • NEW! Privacy mode will anonymise the user details and save less data about activities.
  • Lots of updates to the activity fortune / auto generated activity names.
  • Minor UI fixes.


  • NEW! Possibility to set the activity type (Workout, Race or Long Run) on automations.
  • Activity fortune now makes use of weather (rain, cold, warm, etc), plus some other new property-based conditions.
  • Fixed bug preventing the new "Auto generate the activity name" to work on certain conditions.
  • FTP estimation now uses the last 10 weeks instead of 12 weeks.
  • General UI dialog updates.


  • Fixed bug where a text input field would be shown for "Set gear" actions.


  • NEW! New automation action to auto generate activity names - it's the [activity fortune](!
  • NEW! Weather summaries and calendar labels are now available also in German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • FTP estimation will now consider days off-the-bike to decreased the estimated value.
  • Improved weather conditions validation, making using of sunrise and sunset times.
  • Improved Strava outage detection.


  • Activities that fail to process due to network or server issues will be queued for later processing.
  • Improved detection of Strava outages, showing an alert on the Dashboard and eventual error pages.
  • Refactored the ClimaCell weather provider, which is now called Tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow added as a second default provider (in addition to StormGlass).
  • Do not let users trigger the manual sync if they have no automation recipes.
  • Some other minor UI tweaks and bug fixes.


  • Fixed bug where queued activities were not removed from the queue if they had no matching recipes.


  • Bugfix: some user have no preferences set, so the new "delayedProcessing" preference check was failing for those.


  • NEW! Users now have a "delayed processing" feature to delay their automations by around 10 to 20 minutes.
  • NEW! Automation history page to allow searching the history by date.
  • Revolut affiliate deal extended by 17 days.
  • Some other small tweaks here and there.


  • New tags available to use on recipes and calendar templates: relativeEffort, perceivedExertion, hasPhotos and privateNote.
  • New action to add private notes on activities.
  • GearWear email links should now work even if user needs to be authenticated first.
  • Lots of other under-the-food tweaks.


  • NEW! Recipe action to change the activity "map style".
  • Calendar with exported activities now defaults to the past 180 days, but PRO users can still increase it manually to 1095 days.
  • Calendar with exported activities will not parse coordinates into an actual city / location.


  • Users will be automatically suspended if they remove the Strautomator app from their Strava account.
  • Calendar will not be generated if a user is suspended.
  • Some other minor code tweaks.


  • Added new options to the calendar to exclude / include certain types of activities or club events.
  • Caching user clubs and routes to speed up the calendar generation.


  • NEW! Preference to set a yearly date to auto-reset automation counters.
  • NEW! Calendar overhaul, now supporting club events and some other options.
  • Calendar date range expanded to 3 years on PRO and 6 months on free accounts.
  • Twitter sharing is now enabled for up to 10% of interesting processed activities.
  • Lots of minor UI updates.


  • New recipe action: "mute" (hide activity on other people's feeds):


  • Fixed a regression bug generating calendars (due to invalid date type).


  • Using the tags movingTime, totalTime, dateStart and dateEnd on recipes will result in the correct datetime format being displayed.
  • Users will be automatically suspended if authentication with Strava fails more than 10 times and no login was recorded.
  • Revolut deal extended for another few days.
  • Some minor UI tweaks.


  • Minor UI tweaks.


  • New lifetime subscription via Revolut affiliate links.
  • General minor tweaks on the UI.


  • Improved handling of deprecated / deleted gears on the GearWear views.


  • Improved weather selection view.
  • Improvements to weather icons, less cloudy, more clear.
  • General log updates.


  • Some minor UI updates.


  • Bug fix: affiliate links hidden for PRO users now.
  • Unobtrusive affiliate links are shown for non-PRO users on the dashboard and GearWear pages.
  • Fixed distance displayed for bikes and shoes.
  • Lots of UI fixes, mostly on the GearWear views.


  • Automations can now be disabled.
  • Users with a previous PRO subscription can keep editing their automations, but only the top 3 will execute.
  • Option to have a default BCC field on emails.
  • Some other minor tweaks here and there.


  • Improvements to the GearWear view.


  • Estimation of FTP will now consider the last 12 weeks instead of 14.
  • Tweaks to axios requests, which will retry on error 503 after a few seconds.


  • Check if Google Analytics is available before logging errors as GA exceptions.


  • Hourly extra FTP weight increased to 103.5% (more approximate to real world cases).
  • Fallback if calendar events fail to generate due to invalid location data.


  • Fixed calendar exports.
  • Now running on Node 16.


  • Fixed typo bug on the GearWear edit page.


  • NEW! Additional conditions on automations: "hasPower" and "hasLocation".
  • General UI tweaks.


  • is now limited to recent weather data only.


  • Fixed bug with the selection of available weather providers for a given date.
  • Some small UI updates.


  • Massive Weather updates! Dark Sky deprecated, added Storm Glass and Visual Crossing, refactored the weather summary.
  • The "3 conditions per automation" restriction was lifted on the free accounts.
  • General UI tweaks here and there.


  • NEW! Feature pages are now live under the /feature endpoint.
  • Tweaks to the FTP estimation algorithm.
  • Lots of small updates on the UI.
  • Added maintenance routine to send unread notifications to users via email.


  • New dialog for the FTP estimation on the Accounts page.
  • General tweaks to the new FTP related features.
  • Updated FAQ.


  • NEW! FTP estimator, available to all on the Account page.
  • NEW! FTP auto update feature available for PRO users.
  • Lots of small tweaks for better logging and reliability.


  • Added a fallback SMTP service in case the main one fails.


  • Fixed actions to set / append / prepend activity names and descriptions with tags (specially in regards to weather tags).


  • GPS / device temperature is now rounded, no more decimal places.


  • Device temperature values now follow the correct Celsius / Fahrenheit preferences set by users.


  • Calendar templates now support gear and boolean values (as yes or no).
  • When editing calendar templates, the tags are now clickable (click to add to the current template field).
  • General UI tweaks.


  • Fixed regression bug causing activities with commute actions to fail loading for editing.
  • NEW! You can now add a "counter" on the activity name or description, that will auto-increment each time the automation triggers.
  • NEW! Custom summary and details on exported calendars, available to PRO accounts only.
  • Free accounts now have up to 90 days of calendar events (previously was 30).
  • Improved dashboard charts, now aggregating data when showing the automation stats for the last 6 months or 1 year.
  • Bunch of other small tweaks all around.


  • Happy new year!


  • Return cached calendar in case the refresh of new activities fails.
  • Now sending emails via Amazon SES.


  • Reordering of automations is now done via drag-n-drop.
  • Updated Notifications UI, now alerting the user of invalid gear used on automations.
  • General UI tweaks.


  • First deployment with support for Notifications (messages from Strautomator to users).
  • Users will be notified when an automation recipe fails to execute.


  • Calendars now export up to 30 days of events on free accounts (up from 14), and 731 days on PRO (up from 365).
  • Some minor improvements to the Calendar generation method.


  • Updated strautomator-core with bug fixes on Weather and Strava modules.


  • Activity icons added to calendar event / activity names.


  • NEW! Calendar (beta) features, allowing users to export their Strava activities to an iCalendar (.ics).
  • General tweaks to the service settings.


  • Increased maximum length of Recipe condition and action values.


  • Fixes and improvements to subscription handling via PayPal.


  • GearWear won't update tracking for recently (last 2 days) replaced components.
  • Logging improvements.


  • Fixed bugs on the new "multiple selection" options for weekday and sport type conditions.


  • New "sport type" condition to execute automations only if activity is of a specific sport type.
  • Weekday conditions can now have multiple values selected.


  • Removed full user data from session cookie, now only storing the user ID.


  • Potential fix for a redirection loop when authenticating again with Strava.
  • Updates to GearWear to properly reset tracking distance on the frontend.


  • Improved the Charts view, which should now properly show the correct timeline (dates).


  • GearWear now has separate front and rear tires as defaults for bikes.
  • GearWear now stores the last update details (distance, time, date).


  • New Charts page showing basic automation execution stats
  • Fixed GearWear email template (was sending times as seconds instead of hours)
  • GearWear now saves some basic details about the last update (date, distance, time, activity IDs)


  • Fixed bug preventing GearWear mileages to be increased when the user has no email assigned.


  • Fixed bug checking text-based recipe conditions, which could throw an exception when the condition was not valid.


  • Very minor UI changes.
  • Minor updates on core logging.


  • Fixed bug preventing refresh tokens to be updated on the database (strautomator-core).
  • New custom nuxt error page suggesting to try logging in again.
  • Disabled automatic retry of failed axios requests.
  • Minor UI improvements and updates.


  • Properly disable append / prepend name and description on action dialog if a name or description action was already set.
  • GearWear distances and hours now rounding to 1 decimal place.
  • First stable release.