Automate your Strava



How does it work?

First you connect Strautomator to your Strava account. Then you create automation recipes to automagically update your activities based on any of its properties like distance, speed, time, location, weather and many more.

Like IFTTT, but for Strava. And fully open source!

NEW: GearWear! You can now register your shoes and bike components and setup distance alerts for them. Never forget to swap a chain again!

If ride passes on Central Park and has more than 20km then set the activity name to 'Central Park loops'
If bike chain reaches 4000km then alert me to swap it via email
If run is recorded with a Polar device then mark it as commute and set name to 'Run2work'
If activity starts before 6AM then set the activity name to 'Early bird'
If activity passes on a specific location then append a link on the activity description
If activity is a bike ride then add weather data to activity descriptions
If ride starts at Alexanderplatz, ends at Potsdam then mark it as commute and set bike to 'Cityrad'

Is it free?

Yes, for up to 3 automation recipes and 2 GearWear configurations, which should be enough for the vast majority of users. Unlimited recipes, GearWear and extra features can be unlocked with a PRO subscription for $5.99 / year, paid via PayPal.


Start by connecting Strautomator with your Strava...


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